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Medical Technology and Services

Essential Products for the Medical Community



We can help turn your contacts into opportunities by bringing new products and services to win their business. Our expert sales team will assist in all phases of the sales cycle from first call to close to help you reach your revenue targets.


We can market your products and services to physicians throughout the referral and treatment chain. Creating and maintaining awareness is critical in the healthcare space. There is an abundance of competition and physicians go back to predictable patterns when new products aren’t kept at the top of their mind.

Field Support

Maintain a presence in your accounts. Gus Health specializes in on-boarding new procedures for physicians and their staff as well as maintaining a presence in their offices for regularly scheduled services. We also provide courier services, assist with office collection procedures, and maintain the level of quality your accounts deserve.



Lab Services

Comprehensive suite of lab services including Toxicology, Blood & Wellness Panels, Pharmacogenomics, and Allergy Testing using trusted, in network labs.

Blood Cells


All traditional grafts and tissue in addition to the latest stem cell and amniotic fluid therapy which provide non-surgical treatment options for inflammation, injury, and chronic pain.

Nerve Stimulation


Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS). Stimulation reaches the nerve root vs being blocked by the surface of the skin (TENS).

Interspinous Fusion

Interspinous Fusion

36mm interspinous fixation system utilizing a titanium implant and modular spacer system for decompression of spinal cord and exiting nerve roots.

SI Implant

Posterior SI Fusion

PSIF system allows for a familiar approach to fusing the SI joint, unlike the more challenging and dangerous lateral approach.

Our Mission

 Gus Health delivers the highest quality tools and resources to physician practitioners in pursuit of optimal patient care. Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority. We source everything from the most essential ancillary services to the latest proven technologies and procedures in the medical industry.

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People who will experience back pain in their lifetime


Second most common reason for a visit to a primary care doctor


Third most frequent reason for surgical procedures

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